About Us

Earn more with Imperial Eagle Express!

Who are we?

At Imperial Eagle Express, we take after America’s symbol: the bald eagle – just as resilient and strong as the drivers we employ. Our fleet consists of over 150 contractors and vehicles ranging from semi-trucks to vans that can be rented or leased for your convenience. Our talented team of professionals works together to deliver excellence on every job, ensuring that your cargo is delivered with speed, safety, and efficiency.

We also understand the importance of having friendly faces in the transportation business, which is why our experienced staff always greet you with a smile. All of us at Imperial Eagle Express are here to help you make the most of your time on the road.

Whether you’re an experienced driver looking for new challenges or a novice hoping to join the ranks, we have something for everyone!

So join us today and experience all that driving for Imperial Eagle Express has to offer!

150+ contractors

We have more than 150 contractors and vehicles you need, from semi-trucks to vans, at your service, whether you want to rent or lease.

24/7 human dispatch

Our 24/7 human dispatch is here, so you can always talk to a real person who can help you solve any issues you may have.

Fuel cards

A good fuel card program offers carriers significant per-gallon diesel discounts and savings on other services.

Lease to own

When you’re starting as a business owner, this option is handy because it affords you flexibility but without the responsibility of full truck ownership.